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Akubra's Aussie for hat!

All styles are unisex. This fifth generation Aussie family business has been making these famous hats for close to a century - in fact, they've made more than 25 million of them! And if you thought they made only bush hats, then take a closer look...

Elm of Burford stocks the largest and most diverse range of Akubra hats the UK and Ireland - with over 15 styles & colours in wide size ranges - and we take pride in our Akubra customer service - from the expert assistance with selecting a style, colour and sizing.

Wearing a genuine Akubra hat is essential when working and touring. They're tough, resilient, lightweight, waterproof hats, with a UV protection - and they look great.

Akubra Size Charts

Akubra Angler Hat - Loden
Akubra Cattleman Hat - Fawn
Akubra Chin Strap
Akubra Coolabah Hat - Bran
Akubra Coolabah Hat - Santone Fawn
Akubra Safari Hat - Tawny Fawn
Akubra Tablelands Hat - Sorrel Tan
Akubra Avalon Hat - Hazelnut
Akubra Bianca Hat - Hazelnut
Akubra The Territory Hat - Khaki


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