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November 04, 2013

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As the UK's official Akubra importer and distributor we know how to care for your most prized possession.

Do not squeeze the front of your hat when putting it on your head as this in time will cause a sharp point which will be the first place the hat will wear. Tugging the brim to ensure the fit can spoil the brim if this is done continually.

To properly fit a hat, clear all hair away from the forehead and place the front of the hat (ribbon bow and size to the back) on the head: then by placing the palm of your hand on the back of the crown push the hat down. The hat should fit firmly on the head so that a good push down will make the hat stay in place on a windy day.

When trying a hat on you will occasionally find one size too small and the next too big. It is suggested that you purchase the larger one and insert a liner inside the leather sweatband to help the hat fit more snugly. A hat that feels too tight will never be comfortable. When the hat is new it may feel a little stiff. However, with wear the leather hatband will begin to mould to your head shape.

To keep your Akubra in shape it's best to give it a brush from time to time in an anti-clockwise direction with a soft bristled brush over a shot of steam (a kettle will do nicely). This will assist in returning the fur back to its original direction.

Removing Marks

If your Akubra is slightly soiled with dust and/or grime, firstly brush the hat in an anti-clockwise direction to remove any dust and then lightly rub the affected area with a paint thinner or dry cleaning fluid. Do not use too much. Car upholstery cleaner can be used. Spray on and leave for 15-20 seconds then wipe off with a damp cloth.

The final touches

Feathers are available on most Akubra's. They should be positioned on the left hand side of the hat. On purchase of your new hat, the retailer should include a handy care card covered the points mentioned above.