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November 03, 2013

Tags: noble-wilde jumpers, noble wilde

The new range of Noble Wilde Jumpers, Hats, Socks, Gloves and Scarfs from New Zealand have now arrived and are proving very popular.

The Noble Wilde collection is inspired by cultural references as diverse as the men and women who wear our clothes. Eclectic and refined, our creative influences share a quiet sophistication.

The simplicity of a perfect detail lifts classic basics into timeless luxury.

Sharp cuts, clever detailing and impeccable fits suit cultivated men and women at ease in any environment.

Shifting borders where nature encroaches on urban landscapes and hard concrete meets fragile green space, are echoed in strong shapes softened by the delicacy of a fine detail.

A mood of luxuriant calm and inner stillness is reflected by soft cocooning knits in lofty yarns.

An affinity for the land resonates in strong natural textures and chunky knits and speaks of a wide spread cultural yearning for authenticity and heritage.

A refined, polished perfection is reminiscent of the 1950’s, when pride in presentation was de rigeur.

MERINO; Warm, Durable and Fast Drying

Merino Wool has unique characteristics. Each fibre is exceptionally fine, long and densely crimped, retaining heat close to the skin and keeping out cold air. The fibre also wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the skin to stay warm and dry. Spun Merino retains all of these qualities and is one of the most durable natural yarns.

POSSUM FUR; an Exceptional Natural Insulator

The fibres of possum fur are hollow, trapping warm air against the skin. The only other animal with this astonishing insulating fur is the Polar Bear. The trapped air not only retains heat efficiently, but makes the fur light in weight. Spinning possum fibre into yarn reduces the weight of a garment, while simultaneously increasing its warmth.

A Blend Twice as Warm as Wool, with Astonishing Qualities

The combination of Merino with possum results in a fabric that is lightweight, twice as warm as wool, highly resistant to pilling and opulently soft to the touch.

Hypoallergenic, with Healing Properties Merino is known for its hypoallergenic properties. A beneficial enzyme in possum fur has been researched and is proven to improve skin conditions such as eczema.