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What a winter...

Admittedly, waking up day after day to see nothing but rain, grey skies and endless fields of mud hasn't made for the most inspiring of winters: but Elm are here to help. Specialising in the highest quality waterproofed Country Clothing and Footwear, we can help make sure you're prepared for whatever the Great British weather does next. This short blog composes a few of our favourite pieces that'll keep you happy; whatever the weather.

1. Treat your feet. The Aigle Parcours ISO Wellington boots are neoprene lines for wonderful warm toes - which also provides a faultless foot bed of comfort. A variable gusset creates an adjustable, close fitting welly, whilst a fitted ankle unit holds the foot firmly in place - perfect for walking long distances. The anti-fatigue foot bed technology is inspired through that of hiking boots, and with a shock-absorbing hard wearing sole, performs exceptionally well as a welly to wear all day long.

We love these boots because they are so comfortable, practical and most of all - reliable. Guaranteed for 2 years, Aigle wellies really are at the top of the market. For someone who wears wellies day in day out all year round, it is vital to have a pair that aren't going to let you down - be it leak, rub, or batter you to a point of numbness and discomfort you'd rather go bare-foot - and Aigle have the answer!

2. Wet and warm? Although this winter has been considerably wet, it's also been unseasonably mild. We understand, therefore, that our clients want - and more importantly need - to stay dry; but without and bulky over-insulation. For the perfect coat for this not so perfect weather, we recommend the Superlight of Superlight Ghillie by Schoffel Country. The Guarantee of a high end waterproof that is durable, highly breathable, windproof and lightweight, whilst also being lightly insulated in case the chills do draw in - is a complete no brainer in our eyes. And they're machine washable! - So even if you are out one day getting plastered in mud; come home, pop it in the wash, out to dry overnight and you're ready to rock by morning.

Both of these top coats by Schoffel Country incorporate a ‘sporting cut’. Mainly designed for the shooting field, Schoffel understood the frustration all to commonly experienced when trying to sport in a restrictive top layer – the coat pulling up, letting water in, being too tight across the shoulders – so they relaxed it a bit. With the perfect fit, one can lift ones’ arms and the coat does not move; thus allowing a full range of undisturbed working movement and making these jackets so much more than just a standard waterproof.

3. Toasty Fingers. Despite the unseasonable mild weather, fingers and toes always seem to suffer more from a winter chill than the rest of the body. As explained above, The Aigle Parcours ISO Wellies are taking you on the right track to sort cold toes out – but what about our hard working hands? Noble Wilde carefully create a stunning range of merino based woollens with a twist – they blend in Possum fur, creating lightweight, soft, extremely durable products which are undeniably warm. The Fur fibres are hollow, which means the garments create an insulating layer, trapping body warmth and keeping you warm for as long as you’re wearing them. We supply a full fingered and fingerless Possum and Merino glove with added Polypropylene, which is even more durable, and helps keep you warm even when wet.

The full fingered and fingerless ‘Thermadry’ gloves by Noble Wilde are great for the one who spends all day outdoors in every different type of weather. They’re perfect for riding, shooting, beating – any outdoors activity! We love them because of their strength, versatility and all round practicality, and for an affordable weather-defeating product, how could you possibly be without a pair?