Noble Wilde Merino and Possum Moss Calf socks

  • Noble Wilde Merino and Possum Moss Calf socks

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Merino wool and Possum fur Moss Calf socks

Possum fur and merino wool for warmth even when damp. Top seller.
The Possum is non-indigenous to NZ and is no friend to its fragile ecosystem. As a result of its flourishing numbers the Department of Conservation(DOC)NZ is in support of Humane reduction of numbers in support of indigenous species. N.Z. is suffering a population explosion of these non-indigenous Possum species. The N.Z. DoC (Department of Conservation) is encouraging many forms of control including industry led financing for trappers. "This problem is serious for all of N.Z.'s ecosystems and the industry plays a vital role in trying to reduce their numbers" Paul Marshall BSc (Hons) Env.Sci.

Noble Wilde | Merino Possum Woolens

The story of Possum & Merino starts over a hundred years ago, when possums were introduced to New Zealand as a farming experiment. With no natural predators and a landscape bursting with lush flora and fauna, the possum flourished. It now represents a serious ecological threat, stripping native forest and endangering the habitat that many of New Zealand's unique bird species depend on.

The Ministry of Conservation have a cull order out on the Possum, such is the dire effect of their position in New Zealand. For over three decades Noble Wilde has perfected the blending of two of the most exceptional natural fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxuriant fur of the possum. Exquisite in themselves, together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability. Merino and Possum have outstanding qualities, tactile, functional and are from an ethical source.

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