What are Akubra Hats?

Australia is well known for its iconic outdoor hats but perhaps the best-known Australian hat brand of all is the Akubra brand. Akubra, believed to of come from the aboriginal word meaning ‘head covering,’ There are 290-363 Aboriginal languages many of which are lost but words exist purported to be Aboriginal but no proof. The brand itself offers a huge range of resilient authentic rabbit felt hats that are famous the world over!

Initially established under the name ‘Kensington Hat Mills’ in 1876 by Benjamin Dunkerley (a hatter from Stockport, England) Akubra has grown to be an international brand respected for the fantastic craftsmanship and quality of its hats.

Part of this success is down to the ingenious invention of new manufacturing machines by Dunkerley in the 1890s which allowed for more precise production methods and really put Akubra on the map in terms of quality and consistency.

But what really made the Akubra band shine was their dedication to providing their now famous slouch hats to the Australian army for World War 1. Their hats are so hard wearing and reliable that the Australian army is still supplied with them today. An amazing 2 million slouch hats have been made for them since supply started!

Akubra’s fame grew from strength to strength – from being the first to produce authentic Stetson ‘cowboy’ hats in Australia in the 1950s to providing the latest in fashion with Fedoras in the 1920s they have remained at the forefront of hat making for over a century. In recent times they are perhaps most famous for designing and producing the iconic ‘Croc hat’ worn by Paul Hogan in the Crocodile Dundee movies! Other famous Akubra hat owners are Hugh Jackman, Terry Pratchett (who collected them) and The Royals.!

Akubra are still the leading producer of hard wearing, lightweight and waterproof hats in Australia and with such a long history of innovation and exceptional artistry they have worldwide appeal – but you don’t need to be a ‘drover’ or ‘stockman’ to wear one.

Akubra is a fifth-generation family owned business and still hand made using the original methods today.

We are privileged to be the official stockists for Akubra hats and are proud to help our customers find the best hat to suit their lifestyle. Be part of the legendary Akubra brand with your own style and give us a call on 01993 824004 or visit our website (https://www.akubra.co.uk) for more details!

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