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Possum Pam

Possum Pam

A small family run company from New Zealand that expertly make Brushtail Possum Fur products. With 40 years experience their furriers source and treat the pelts in order to make the very best quality products. Which they then do with the same attention to detail.

The fibres of Possum Fur are hollow, trapping warm air. The only other animal with this astonishing insulating fur is the Polar Bear. The trapped air not only retains heat efficiently but makes the fur light in weight.

The Brushtail Possum is an introduced species to New Zealand and has no natural preditor there and so is an environmental disaster with numbers out of control. They strip the leaves off trees and eat the eggs and baby birds, in particularly the ground nesting flightless birds, native to New Zealand. The Brushtail Possum is protected in Australia where they are from, so it is not under any threat at all but it is a very real threat to the flora and fauna of New Zealand. As such there is a policy to reduce numbers there significantly and by buying Possum Fur products from New Zealand it is helping to save their forest and birds from this man made threat.


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Possum Pam NZ Ltd

These products all come with a certificate of origin stating that the products are entirley made in New Zealand from internationally standard, chemically treated, New Zealand Brushtail Possum skins. The New Zealand Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus Vulpecular) is an introduced pest in New Zealand, it is not an endangered species and it is destroying New Zealand's forest and killing native birds.

Because the New Zealand Brushtail Possum is trapped in the wild and not farmed, inconsistencies will occur in the fur length and density. There may also be some areas of fur damege where possums have been fighting. This, in small areas, is not considered a fault but merely adds to the natural charcteristics of Possum skins. All skins have been dressed/chrome tanned and can be dry cleaned or hand washed in luke warm water with a PH neutral, wool aproved detergent and dried naturally.

Envonironmental Concerns

The New Zealand Brushtail Possum was first introduced into New Zealand from Australia, where it is protected, in 1837. It has no natural preditor there and by 1900 the reported damage to native flora and fauna, crops and orchards prompted the government to commission investigations by two of the country's leading botanists. It was agreed that the potential long-term effects on the environment if left unchecked would be devastating.

By the 1940’s, evidence of damage by possums to New Zealand’s forest increased. The need for action on a national scale was recognized, and in 1951 a bounty was placed on the animal, but this did little to control the increasing and expanding population of possums. In the early 1960's possums had spread to 84% of the country.

Today possums are considered the major animal pest in New Zealand with the number of possums estimated to exceed 70 million (twice the number of sheep). Possums are ravenous eaters that consume a staggering amount of native vegetation, which is in excess of 21, 000 tonnes per day.

Elm Of Burford is stongly commited to protecting the bioderversity of New Zealand and countering the adverse effects of human intervention. For further information on the control programs put in place by the New Zealand Government,
please refer to the following websites:

The New Zealand Department Of Conservation

The New Zealand Crown Research Institute - Landcare Research